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      LOCARNO MARINE new distributor for TOM28MAX in USA & Canadá         


The Sailing Experience Events with Corporate Sailing are innovative product and service proposals. A dynamic activity, accessible to groups of any age range and physical condition. In a competition environment with the highest quality material, in a context in which social mixing is favoured. Devised and looked after by professionals.

Great flexibility in group size, from a small group of 6 to 8 persons that can participate and enjoy a match racing regatta, to 500 persons groups with a combination of regattas and other nautical activities (motorboats, catamarans…).

We are expert in equal performance One-Design sailing boats, purposedly designed and prepared for competition and this kind of events. Our fleets range from 4 to 20 boats.

Partners, staff and associated collaborators's proven experience, our highest valued asset, offering Expertise in the dynamics of sailing and racing, as well as teamwork and group dynamics.

Surprise your guests with a tailor-made event, an attractive introduction to the world of regattas hand in hand with the expert.

Get a taste of what it is like to be an America's Cup sailor: the pre-start tension, the intensity of manoeuvres, the importance of team work.

Get great satisfaction from understanding the wind, learning to manage the boat, and getting the best results out of your crew.

The perfect complement to your meeting or convention tailor-made to suit your programme and guests.






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