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      LOCARNO MARINE new distributor for TOM28MAX in USA & Canadá         

Corporate Sailing is the solely distributor of the Tom 28 Max, a boat designed specifically for match racing and one-design fleet regattas, as well as group activities and formation of sailors at all levels.

Its shape resembles an America's Cup boat, with a T-bulb deep keel offering great stability and good performance. Huge space on the working deck as it lacks of interior accomodation, deck systems are both technical and versatile for different level of crews.

It is built at K de Komposites yard in Malaga (Spain) by the best experts in racing boats, using the Vaccuum Infusion Method for Resin, which is a guarantee for strength, durability, lightness and compliance of tight one-design rules.

Basic systems and parts are build by the most renowned manufacturers: keel on Irons Brothers (UK); steering system on Jeffa (Denmark); mast on Z-Spars (UK); deck hardware on Harken (USA).

Currently there are active fleets in Spain and USA. It is the official boat of Chicago Match Race Center (USA) and Valencia Match Race Academy (Spain). The Tom 28 Max has been used as training boat for some America´s Cup teams.




  Why choosing and sail a TOM 28 MAX?

   Optimum Dimensions
  •  Length: 8,50m.
  •  Suitable for road transport on standard trailers.
  •  Occupies little trolley space on shore.

  Very spacious deck having no inner cabin:
  •  Ideal for Sailing Schools and beginners' practices.
  •  Permits comfortable crew movements for manoeuvres.
  •  Secure and fast manoeuvres at the bow.
  •  Allows for big groups on board.

  Has got all the elements of a competition yacht with simplified systems:
  •  Easy trimming.
  •  Fast learning.
  •  Equals performance at match-racing regattas.
  •  Optimises performance features for manoeuvres.
  •  Makes agile manoeuvring possible.

 Stiff boat with little crew-weight influence significance:
  •  The ratio between crew-weight and displacement is of approx. 25% against
     more than 30% on similar size boats.

  •  Wide floatation beam with quite vertical sides, which makes the crew influence on
     boat balance almost insignificant.

   Provides very close competition:
  •  Encourages crew skills (manoeuvres, tactics…) against a specific knowledge
      of the boat and its trimming tricks.
  •  Offers great equality in performance at regattas where boats are provided by the       organisation.
  •  Affordable and gratifying for less experienced crews.

   Great performance:
  •  A noble sailer, it gives the feeling of being on a bigger, faster yacht.
  •  Keeps a good balance, responding well to wind gusts.
  •  Fast response on the rudder.

   Reliable and safe built, complying strictly with the One-Design regulations:
  •  Built with particular care in keeping the same One-Design conditions on each unit.
  •  Vaccum Infusion Process applied for the highest quality standards.
  •  A robust built and light at the same time, thought to last: longitudinal and
     transversal reinforced structure, longitudinal screens.

  •  Ready to be launched and sailed.

   Low maintenance and easy to sail:
  •  Simple mast and spar system.
  •  Just one lifting point for easy handling onshore.
  •  Needs less maintenance because of its simplified systems.

   Versatile and fun:
  •  Created by Match Racing and One-Design specialists.
  •  Easy to sail for shorthanded crews as many of the controls have been resent to
     afterguards positions.
  •  Optional smaller jib-area for female crews, shorthanded crews, or areas with
     strong winds..

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